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Buffalo Bearings Serving ROCHESTER NY Call Now TOLL FREE from Rochester! - (800) 669 - 8019 Rochester - We have AG Bearings of all types and sizes! Our Experts know the agricultural bearing and part needs of a farm or orchard.  Disc Harrow Bearings       Tractor Bearings   Heavy Duty Equiptment Wheel Bearings  AG Implement Bearings   Heavy Duty Utility Trailer Bearings    AG Special Ball Bearings Round or Square Bore Flanged Disc Bearings Hex Bore Bearings for Balers   Fafnir Bearings and Seals      Idler Pulleys   Idler Sprockets    And Much More.. We carry the full Timken line of products for Agriculture! Or if you’re an outdoor type of person - Buffalo Bearings has the parts for your ATV, Amphibious ATV, 6x6 axle, Trailer, and all your toys!   6x6 Bearings             ATV Bearings      Amphibious AATV Bearings   Crankshaft Bearings   Heavy Duty Axle Bearings Boat Trailer Bearings Triple Sealed Bearings   ATV Trailer Bearings   Differential Bearings   ATV Pinion Bearings Snowmobile Bearings     Side Axle Bearings   Utility Trailer Bearings       Steering Stem Bearings Radial Ball Bearings     Linkage Bearings   A-Arm Bearings      Shock Bearings        Rear Axle Bearings     Wheel Bearing Kits   UTV Bearings   Double Radial Ball Bearings   Swing Arm Bearings MOST  ITEMS  AVAILABLE  IN INCH OR METRIC DIMENSIONS Plus we carry the following bearings and more!   Angular Contact Tapered Roller Bearings Blower Bearings Cam Follower Bearings   Ball Bearings     Ball Transfer Units Ball Bearing Casters Ball Screws   Conveyor Bearings     Fan Bearings Electric Motor Bearings Flange Bearings   Full Complement Bearings     Hex Bore Bearings Insert Bearings Linear Ball Bearings   Mast Guide Bearings     Mounted Unit Bearings Miniature Bearings Needle Bearings   Plastic Bearings     Precision Bearings Radial Bearings Roller Bearings   Rulon Sleeve Bearings     Skate Bearings         Spindle Bearings High Speed Spindle Bearings   Steel Balls     Skate Wheels         Tapered Roller Bearings  Teflon Fabric Bearings   Thrust Bearings     Wheel Bearings Wheelchair Bearings Y-bearings Along with  Load Runners     Rod Ends    Lazy Susans     Shaker Screens

PLUS We also Carry


  Belt Idlers Plastic Chain V-Belts Sheaves Table Top Chain   Belt Tensioners Pulleys Gears Drive Belts Teflon Glass Belts   Conveyor Belting PVC Belting Timing Belts Universal Joints Screw Conveyor Parts   Flexible couplings Metal Woven Belting Sprockets Roller Chain Sewage Treatment Chain   Gear Racks Urethane Belting Taper Lock Bushings


Bronze Duralon Plastic Sintered Bronze Rulon Sleeve Bearings Cored Bars Solid Bars Teflon Plates Thrust Washers Delrin Wood CURRENTLY STOCKING SAE 660 13" BARS - 1/2" OD TO 6" OD SOLID AND 3/4" ID X 1 1/2" OD TO 5" ID X 6" OD


  Axles Lights & Lenses Tires & Wheels Hub Assemblies Bearing Bras Naval Bronze   U-Bolts Jacks Bearing Buddies Rubber Bushings Waterproof Grease   Winches Couplers Stub Spindles Winch Strands Tie Downs   Springs Strut Bearings



O-Rings Kits

O-Rings Cord

Oil Seals - Inch & Metric

Grease Seals


Rod Wipers

Block Vees

Quad Rings

  Split Seals


  Hose Clamps Hydraulic Nuts Shim Stock Greases Shafting (TGP & Keyed)   Keystock Locknut & Washers Spanners Wear Strips Digital Thermometers   Shaft Collars Lubricants Stethoscopes Feeler Gauges Bearing Induction Heaters   Bearing Pullers NILOS Rings Threaded Rod Drill Rod Anti Seez Compounds   Die Springs Nuts & Bolts Wave Springs Woodruff Keys Automatic Lubricators   Retaining Rings Plastic Sheeting
BEARING SPECIALIST SINCE 1919 Buffalo Bearings, Inc. 1175 Military Road (between Kenmore Ave and Sheridan Dr) Buffalo, N.Y.  14217 Toll Free (800)  669 - 8019 WNY Area  (716) 874 - 1720 FAX (716) 874 - 3063 Email - buffalobearings@gmail.com We Specialize In Hard To Find Bearings
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Mowers, ATVs, Lawn & Garden equipment, Go-Karts, Mini-Bikes, and More! WE HAVE THE PARTS TO GET YOU READY FOR THE SEASON!